Business Databases

Finding & Selecting Articles

To Find Articles through Miller Library:

• Use the Summon search box to search for your terms and limit results by Journal Articles.
• Select a database from All Databases A-Z or from Subject Guides

    To Select a Database, Ask yourself:

    • What are keywords that describe my topic?
    • What type of information am I looking for?
    • Will a news article from Time or Newsweek provide me with the information that I need?
    • Will I need to find a more in depth article from a peer-reviewed journal?
    • Am I looking for facts to support my claim?

      Business Peer-Reviewed / Scholarly / Academic Journals

      Called by a variety of names (peer-reviewed, refereed, scholarly, academic, etc.) these publications are targeted for an academic audience and sent through an editorial process by experts in the same subject area

      Browzine for Business