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Archives of Cornerstone University

The archives room in Miller Library houses several diverse collections:

1. Historical records of CU since its inception, including yearbooks, presidential papers from all of CU’s presidents, significant transitions, accreditation and committee reports, CU publications such as the Herald student newspaper (1966-present), thousands of photographs, etc;

2. Collections of various organizations and individuals related to CU (such as the handwritten sermons of Dr. R. Ketchum);

3. A small collection of rare books and historic journals.  Archive materials may not be checked out and researchers must have an appointment to use the room.
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General Organization of ARCHIVAL COLLECTIONS

Last Updated: Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008

*An asterisk denotes that a Finding Aid is available online by clicking on the title.
Finding Aids describe the contents of the collections.


  1.   *Galilean Baptist Missions Material
  2.   *Publications – Beacon, Witness, etc.
  3.   *Bible Institute Records
  4.   *Music Group Recordings, Business Building Album,
  5.   *Yearbooks
  6.   *GRARBC statistical information, Norman Douty Sermons
  7.   *Audio-Visual records
  8.   *Archival Supplies
  9.   *Slides
  10.   *Audio Cassettes
  11.   *Video Collection


  1. *Ketcham Collection
  2. *Ketcham Collection
  3.   Wood Collection
  4.   Quincer Collection
  5.   Self-Studies
  6.   Blueprints
  7.   Pictures
  8.   Pictures
  9.   Pictures
  10.   Pictures
  11.   Newspaper Articles
  12.   Historical/Non-Institutional 

I.  File Cabinets – Section A – Drawer 1 – Legislation            

     H.  Federal

          15.  Department of Health, Education & Welfare

               a.  1972

               b.  1971

               c.  1970

               d.  1969

          16.  Higher Education Act, Title II A & B, 1971-1972

          17.  Higher Education Act, Title III, 1975

          18.  Title III, 1974, Application

          19.  Title III, Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1963)

          20.  National Defense Education Act, 1968-1970

          21.  Title VI, 1970-1972

          22.  National Defense Education Act, 1968

          23.  Title IX, 1972

     I.  State

          15.  Michigan State Department of Education

          16.  Title I Higher Education Act of 1965

          17.  Title VI-A, 1973-1974

          18.  Higher Education Act, Title VI, 1972-1973

          19.  Michigan State Department of Public Institutions

          20.  Miscellaneous

II.  File Cabinets – Section A – Drawer 2 – Institutional Research, Self-Study, Accreditation

     H.  Bibliographies

          15.  Curriculum Courses and Seminars

          16.  Education

          17.  Exceptional Children

          18.  Human Behavior in Administration

          19.  The Process of Change

          20.  Programmed Instruction

          21.  Psychology

          22.  School Administration

     I.  Certification Eligibility

     J.  General Studies & papers

          15.  Consultant’s Report to Grand Rapids Bible College

          16.  Report of the Evaluation of the Science Program

          17.  The Christian College in the 1980’s – McKenna

          18.  Directory of Michigan Secondary Schools, 1978-1979

          19.  Education Philosophy, Secondary Schools, 1978-1979

          20.  High School Graduates: Fifty States, 1979

          21.  MACRAO Report: Michigan Colleges, 1980

22.  A Study of Presidents of Religious Institutions of Higher Learning in California, 1974

          23.  Cornerstone University

     K.  North Central Association

          15.  North Central Association Notes, 1975

          16.  North Central Association Notes, 1973

          17.  Research and Test Services

18.  North Central Association (now known as Higher Learning Commission):Report On Comprehensive Visit, May 6-8, 2002 (also see below I-11)

     L.  ACT Reports

          15.  ACT Reports, 1984-1985

          16.  ACT Reports, 1983-1984

          17.  ACT Reports, 1982-1983

          18.  ACT Reports, 1981-1982

          19.  ACT Reports, 1980-1981

          20.  ACT Reports, 1979-1980

          21.  ACT Reports, 1976-1977

     M.  American Council on Education, 1972

     N.  ATP Summary Reports, 1981

          15.  ATP Summary Reports, 1981

          16.  ATP Summary Reports, 1973

     O.  Educational Testing Services

     P.  Self-Studies

          15.  Self-Studies, undated

          16.  Self-Study, 1992

          17.  Self-Study, 1981

          18.  Self-Study, 1977

          19.  Self-Study, 1976

          20.  Self-Study, 1974-1975

          21.  Self-Study, 1972-1973

          22.  Self-Study, 1966

          23.  Self-Study, 1963

          24.  Self-Study, 1962

25.  Self-Study for Higher Learning Commission, 2002 (also see above D-4)

     Q.  Strategic Planning Committee, 1985

          15.  Data Folder

          16.  Data Folder

          17.  Data Folder

          18.  Data Folder

          19.  Data Folder

          20.  Data Folder

          21.  Data Folder

III.  File Cabinets – Section A – Drawer 3 – History, Description

     H.  Grand Rapids Pictures

     I.  Grand Rapids, Present and Future

     J.  History of GRABC and Bible Institute

     K.  Articles of Incorporation

     L.  Constitution and By-Laws

     M.  Anniversaries

          15.  Fiftieth Anniversary (two folders)

          16.  Fortieth Anniversary

          17.  Foriteth Anniversary History

     N.  Wealthy Street Baptist Church

          15.  Oliver W. Van Osdel

          16.  Bible Institute Classes

          17.  Evening School

          18.  Bulletins/Minutes re: Bible Institute

          19.  Correspondence, 1940-1945 (six folders)

          20.  Pictures – Wealthy Street Students

          21.  Bible Institute Promotion Materials

          22.  Bible Institute Pictures

     O.  Building Drive: Three Mile and Fuller

     P.  East Beltline Campus

          15.  Finance Study – East Beltline Study

          16.  East Beltline Campus Groundbreaking

          17.  East Beltline Campus Dedication

          18.  Carillon

          19.  Apartments – Pictures

          20.  1940

          21.  1941

          22.  1942

          23.  1943

          24.  1944

          25.  1945

IV.  File Cabinets – Section A – Drawer 4 – History, Description Continued

          12.  Campus Map

          13.  New Campus Expansion

          14.  Campus Properties

               a.  Keithley Hall

               b.  Pickitt Memorial

               c.  Van Osdel Hall

               d.  Business/Computer Center

                    1.  Computer System (CARS)

               e.  Ketcham Library

               f.  Miller Library

               g.  Multi-Purpose Building

               h.  Music Building

               i.  Seminary Building

               j.  General Description of Campus (Grounds & Buildings)

          15.  Conference and Meeting Facility

     I.  Accreditation

     J.  Name Change

          1.  Rationale

          2.  School Name Contest

          3.  Name Change Rationale

          4.  Dedication

V.  File Cabinets – Section A – Drawer 5 – Administration

     A.  Board of the College

     B.  David Otis Fuller

    C.  College Presidents

          1.  Norman Douty

          2.  Gerald Knol

          3.  J.E. Hakes

          4. *W.W. Welch

          5.  Eugene Berends (Acting)

          6. *Charles U. Wagner

          7. *Rex M. Rogers

          8.  Bruce N. Stewart

     D.  Presidential Update

     E.  Grand Rapids Baptist College & Executive Board

          1.  Executive Board Handbook, 1991

     F.  Grand Rapids Baptist College Minutes 1986-1988

     G.  Position Papers

     H.  Annual President’s Report

     I.  Grand Rapids Baptist College Catalog

          1.  1969-1970

          2.  1967-1969

     J.  Revised Curriculum

     K.  Current Employees

     L.  Administrators Handbook

     M.  Reports Investments 1992

VI.  File Cabinets – Section B – Drawer 2 – Faculty

     A.  General Faculty, A-E

          1.  Wendell Babcock

          2.  Gloria Baker, P.E.S. Thesis

          3.  John Baylo

          4.  Paul Beals

          5.  Virgil Bopp

          6.  Scott Carroll

          7.  Ronald Chadwick

          8.  A.J. Crawford

     B.  General Faculty, F-J

          1.  Judith Fabisch

          2.  Anthony Fortosis

          3.  Milford Henkel

          4.  Howard A. Keithley

     C.  General Faculty, K-N

          1.  Victor Matthews

          2.  John McLean

     D.  General Faculty, O-S

          1.  Howard Pardee

          2.  Sheldon  Quincer

          3.  Robert Suggs

     E.  General Faculty, T-Z

          1.  John H. Wilson

          2.  Beals

          3.  Gene Berends

          4.  John Bratcher

          5.  Ron Chadwick

          6.  Crawford

          7.  Roger Haun

          8.  Anthony Fortosis

          9.  Gary L. Hawk

          10.  Milford Henkel

          11.  Carl Hoch

          12.  David Landrum

          13.  Victor Mathews

          14.  W.M. Pardee

          15.  Gene Peterson

          16.  Osbeck, Ken & Betty

          17.  Stevens, Daniel

 VII.  File Cabinets – Section B – Drawer 3 – Faculty cont…

     A.  Faculty Committees

          1.  Admissions Committee

          2.  College Council

          3.  Curriculum Committee

               a.  Revised Curriculum, 1969

               b.  1965-1966

          4.  Educational Policy Committee

               a.  Educational Policy Committee, 1986-1987

               b.  Educational Policy Committee, 1985-1986

               c.  Educational Policy Committee, 1984-1985

               d.  Educational Policy Committee, 1982-1983

               e.  Educational Policy Committee, 1980-1981

               f.  Educational Policy Committee, 1977-1978

               g.  Educational Policy Committee, 1976-1977

               h.  Educational Policy Committee, 1975-1976

               i.  Educational Policy Committee, 1973-1974

               j.  Educational Policy Committee, 1972-1973

               k.  Educational Policy Committee, 1969-1970

               l.  Educational Policy Committee, pre- 1970

          5.  Fine Arts Committee

          6.  Graduate Study Committee

          7.  Tenure & Promotion Committee

     B.  College Faculty Evaluation Days

     C.  Faculty Handbooks

          1.  Undated

          2.  1988

          3.  1987

          4.  1984

          5.  1980

          6.  1972

          7.  pre-1969

          8.  1990

          9.  1989

          10.  1969

     D.  Academic Policy Handbook

          1.  1989

          2.  1992

          3.  1993

     E.  Scheduling Handbook

          1.  1991-1992

 VIII.  File Cabinets – Section B – Drawer 4 – Faculty cont…

     A.  Honor Point System

     B.  Faculty Minutes (several folders)

     C.  Faculty Newsletter

     D.  Faculty Retreats & Workshops

     E.  Stuff

     F.  Faculty Work Days

 IX.  File Cabinets – Section B – Drawer 5 – Leon J. Wood

     A.  Leon J. Wood Papers and Manuscripts

 X.  File Cabinets – Section C – Drawer 1 – pision Materials

     A.  Bible, Religion, and Ministries

          1.  Student Notebooks & Manuscripts, 1962-1976 (Six Folders)

          2.  Student Notebooks & Manuscripts, Undated

          3.  Teaching Material, Classroo

a.  Does Separation make a difference in the Theological Education? Ruth F. van der Maas

b.  Grant Proposal for ISAE Study on History of Evangelical Theological Education – Ruth F. van der Maas

c.  Bible and Religion (See cabinet files, third section, for notes from the Bible Institute for the first three years)

d.  Apologetics

e.  Bible Survey

f.  Biblical Hermeneutics

g.  Book Studies

i.  Isaiah

ii.  Job

iii.  Minor Prophets

h.  Christian Education

i.  Christian Theism

j.  Church History

k.  Doctrine

l.  Ethics

m.  General Bible Study

n.  Hebrew

o.  Interpretation

p.  Missions

q.  New Testament Exegesis

r.  New Testament Biblical Literature

s.  Prophets

t.  Tests

u.  Theology

v.  Typology

w.  Freshman Inquiry

x.  History

y.  Philosophy

z.  Christian Worldview

4.  Minister’s Workshop

a.  Ministers’ Workshop Papers

b.  Ministers’ Workshop Papers, 1954-1964

c.  Student Papers (Several Folders)

XI.  File Cabinets – Section C – Drawer 2 – pisional material cont

     A.  Business

     B.  Fine Arts

1.  Gospel Teams, 1984-1985 Pictures

2.  Choral Groups, Pictures

3.  Instrumental Groups, Pictures

4.  Small Groups, Inpidual Pictures

5.  Baptist Choral Society

6.  Chorale

7.  Development Program, Music Department

8.  Music Camps

9.  Music Festival

10.  Music Groups

11.  Grand Rapids Music School

12.  Voices Triumphant Scrap Book

13.  Recitals

a.  Faculty recitals

b.  Student recitals

14.  Symphonic Band

15.  Student Notebooks & Manuscripts

16.  School Song

     C.  Social Work Program

     D.  J-Term and Summer Schedule

 XII.  File Cabinets – Section C – Drawer 3 – pisional Material cont

     A.  Humanities

1.  Public Performances, Programs, etc.

2.  Student Papers, Literary Journals (Several Folders)

3.  Teaching Material

     B.  Physical Education

     C.  Science, Mathematics

     D.  Teacher Education

     E.  A Proposed Program in Teacher Education

     F.  Teacher’s daily records

     G.  Humanities pision

1.  1991-1992

2.  1992-1993

3.  1994-1995

4.  1993-1994

     H.  Center for World Missions

 XIII.  File Cabinets – Section C – Drawer 4 – General

     A.  Admissions (Several Folders Unclassified)

1.  Admissions Philosophy

2.  Admissions Procedure

3.  Admissions Reports (Ten Folders, 1962-1979)

4.  Seminary Admissions Reports, 1970-1979

5.  Admissions Reports

6.  Cancellations & No Shows

7.  Enrollment Reports, 1959-1969 and Summary (Five folders)

     B.  Financial Aid

     C.  Promotional Materials – Several Folders Unclassified

     D.  Reaching beyond the ordinary

     E.  Mail samples

 XIV.  File Cabinets – Section C – Drawer 5 – General (Continued)

     A.  Promotional Materials – Several Folders Unclassified

     B.  Registration

1.  Registration Information 1

2.  Registration Information 2

     C.  Retention

     D.  Advancement

1.  Reaching Beyond the Ordinary Campaign

2.  Shareholders’ Banquet

     E.  Business Office – Employment Policies

     F.  Internships

     G.  Counseling Services

     H.  Campus Safety

     I.  Learning Center

     J.  Food Services

     K.  Campus Facility Study

     L.  Student Handbook

1.  1996-1997

     M.  Phone Book Directory

1.  1993-1994

 XV.  File Cabinet – Section D – Drawer 1 – General (Continued)

     A.  Library

1.  Annual Reports

2.  A.A.B.C.

3.  Book Sale

4.  Circulation

5.  HEW Reports

6.  Archives Development Program

7.  Budget Proposals

8.  Catalogue – Audio/Visual

9.  Library Proposals – General

10.  Library Manuals

11.  Library Planning

a.  Main Library

b.  Seminary Library

12.  Library Space Management

13.  Library Pictures

14.  Library Practice

15.  Misc. Memos

16.  North Central Reports

17.  Special Events

     B.  Students Personnel Services

     C.  News Releases, Press Clippings – Unclassified (Several Folders)

     D.  WCSG – (Two Folders)

     E.  WCSG – Winning Words, Charles Wagner

     F.  Children’s Sunshine Network

     G.  Mission Network News

     H.  WAY Fm

 XVI.  File Cabinets – Section D – Drawer 2 – General (Continued)

     A.  Publications

1.  Chapel Time

2.  Messenger

 XVII.  File Cabinets – Section D – Drawer 3 – Events

     A.  Artist Series

     B.  Publicity for campus cultural events from 1963 through the present

 XVIII.  File Cabinets – Section D – Drawer 4 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Bible Conference

     B.  Publicity and Pictures for Bible Conference from 1960 through the present

XIX.  File Cabinets – Section D – Drawer 5 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Directories, 1964 to present

     B.  Government Association

     C.  Fall Convocation Programs

     D.  Graduation

1.  Graduation Events

2.  Commencement Programs (1943-present)

3.  Graduation Publicity

4.  Commencement Pictures

     E.  Honors Program

     F.  Awards

     G.  Student Handbooks

     H.  Student Housing

     I.  Student Manuals

XX.  File Cabinets – Section E – Drawer 1 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Labor Day Ox Roast (Several Folders from  1970)

     B.  Study Tour

1.  European Study Tours (Several Folders, Unclassified)

     C.  Golden Eagles

XXI.  File Cabinets – Section E – Drawer 2 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Student Life

1.  Student Development

a.  Student Development Philosophy

b.  Student Development Projections

2.  Student Information

a.  Calendars – 1971- Present

b.  Catalogues – 1941- Present

c.  Chapel Schedules & Religious Activities

XXII.  File Cabinets – Section E – Drawer 3 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Special Lectures, Exhibits, etc.

1.  Bible Exploration Week

2.  Info missions

     B.  Homecoming

     C.  Ladies Guild

     D.  Lectures

1.  Creation Science Seminar

2.  Stanley Lecture Series

     E.  Missions Conference

     F.  Ministry Covenant

     G.  Ministry Opportunities

     H.  Retreats & Conferences

1.  Adult Retreats

2.  Couple Retreats

3.  Family Retreats

4.  Gull Lake Conferences

5.  Teachers’ Conference

6.  Singles Retreats

7.  State Teen Conference, 1989

8.  Teen Leadership Conference, 1973-1975

9.  Teen Leadership Conference, 1964-1969

10.  Youth Conferences, Youth Rally

11.  Writers Conference

     I.  Seminars

     J.  Special Classes

1.  Monday Evening Family Class

2.  Thursday Evening Bible Class

3.  Pastoral Care Class (1984)

     K.  Special Services

1.  Dedication Service, 1976-1977

2.  Dedication Week, 1977-1978

3.  Sketch Erickson

4.  Good Friday Services

5.  Life Action Crusade

     L.  Talents for Christ/State Teen Bible Conference

     M.  Thursday Evening Bible Class

XXIII.  File Cabinets – Section E – Drawer 4 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Student Life

1.  Pictures, Groups

2.  Pictures, Inpiduals

     B.  Student Directories

     C.  Student Organizations

1.  Active

a.  Abundant Life

b.  College Wives

c.   Leaders for Life

d.   Missions

i.  Beach Evangelism

ii.  C.O.M.E.

iii.  MAP

iv.  Baptist Mid-Missions

v.  A.L.I.V.E.

e.  Student Council

f.   Women’s Guild

2.  Extinct 

     D.  Cornerstone Chapels

1.  Speakers and Musicians

XXIV.  File Cabinets – Section E – Drawer 5 – Events (Continued)

     A.  Student Publications

1.  Active

a.  Campus Herald, 1966-present   (issues from 1966-1983 are currently being stored in a storage box that is placed on top of the shelves.)

2.  Extinct

a.  Summer Connection

b.  Commuter Connection

c.  Read This!

d.  Spectrum

     B.  Institutional Publication

1.  Cornerstone

2.  Cornerstone Annual Report 1988

XXV.  File Cabinets – Section F – Drawer 1 – Seminary

     A.  History/Newspaper Articles

     B.  Report of an Initial Comprehensive Visit

     C.  Seminary Catalogues

     D.  Seminary Chapel Activities

     E.  Seminary Commencement

     F.  Seminary Curriculum

     G.  Seminary Dedication Week

     H.  Seminary Faculty Minutes

     I.  Seminary Faculty Study Papers

     J.  Seminary Handbook

     K.  Seminary History

     L.  Seminary Profile

     M.  Seminary Promotion

     N.  Seminary Special Activities

     O.  Seminary Student Life

     P.  Seminary Notebooks & Manuscripts

     Q.  Theology, 1954-present

     R.  Executive Board Photos

     S.  Seminary accreditation with ATS ( Association of Theological Schools)

1.  Report of Initial Comprehensive Visit, March 2002

XXVI.  File Cabinets – Section F – Drawer 2 – Alumni

     A.  Alumni Organization

1.  Alumni Constitution

2.  Alumni Financial Records

3.  Giving Records

4.  Alumni History

5.  Alumni Stationary Samples

6.  Alumni Minutes

     B.  Alumni Graduation Lists

     C.  Graduation Programs

     D.  Alumni Pictures

     E.  Alumni Publications

1.  Alumni Bulletin

2.  Alumni Echoes

3.  Alumni

4.  Pilgrimmage

5.  Alumni Publications, Miscellaneous

     F.  Van Osdel Trophy

     G.  Seminary Alumni

     H.  Keith Kaynor

     I.  Michael Everett Bailey

XXVII.  File Cabinets – Section F – Drawer 3 – Schools, Homes, Mission Boards

     A.  Agencies

1.  Regular Baptist Children’s Home

2.  Shepherds

     B.  Mission Agencies

1.  A.B.W.E.

2.  Baptist Mid-Missions

a.  Baptist Hebrew Missions

b.  BMM Field Surveys

c.   Principles & Practice

3.  Galilean Baptist Mission

4.  Gospel Witness & Protestant Advocate

5.  Hiawatha Independent Baptist Missions

6.  Home Fellowship for Baptists for Home Missions

7.  Wycliffe Bible Translators

8.  Mission Agencies, Miscellaneous

     C.  Schools

1.  Association of Christian Educators

2.  Cedarville College

3.  Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

4.  Denver Bible Institute, Grace and Truth

5.  Faith College

6.  LABC

7.  Mid-Continent Baptist Bible College

8.  Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

9.  San Francisco Baptist Seminary

10.  Schools, Miscellaneous

XXVIII.  File Cabinets – Section F – Drawer 4 Associations

     A.  American Baptists

     B.  GARBC

1.  GARBC Annual Reports – In Cupboard

2.  GARBC History of CU

3.  Annual Meetings

4.  Controversies

a.  Brooklyn Baptist Tabernacle

b.  Carl McIntire

5.  Formation

6.  Leadership

a.  Paul Jackson

b.  Robert T. Ketcham

7.  Papers

a.  Bauder

b.  Bradbury/Ketcham Correspondence

c.  Fulton

d.  GARBC History Supplement

e.  Hoefakker

f.   Miller

g.  GARBC Miscellaneous Papers

h.  Pre-Tribulation Rapture

8.  GARBC Radio Ministry

9.  GARBC Releases

     C.  GRARBC

1.  GRARBC By Laws & Confession of Faith

2.  GRARBC Correspondence

3.  GRARBC Conference Programs

4.  GRARBC Formation

5.  Papers

a.  GRARBC History/Hobson

b.  GRARBC History/Quincer

6.  GRARBC Policy

7.  GRA  RBC Sunday School Material

     D.  Discernment

     E.  MARBC

     F.  Norther Baptist Convention

     G.  State Associations – Regular Baptists

1.  New York Regular Baptists

2.  Pennsylvania Regular Baptists

3.  Wisconsin Regular Baptists

     H.  Publications

1.  The Baptist Bulletin

a.  The Baptist Bulletin History

b.  Baptist Bulletin Issues

2.  Baptist Testimony

XXIX.  File Cabinets – Section F – Drawer 5 – Churches

     A.  Annual Reports

     B.  Church History

     C.  Berean Baptist, Grand Rapids, MI

     D.  Berlin Baptist

     E.  Briarwood Baptist Chapel

     F.  Britton Bethel Baptist Church

     G.  Calvary Baptist, Evart, MI

     H.  Calvary Baptist, Grand Rapids

     I.  Calvary Baptist, Muskegon

     J.  Eastmont Baptist

     K.  First Baptist Church, Allegan

     L.  First Baptist Church, Austin, Minnesota

     M.  First Baptist Church, Bear Lake, MI

     N.  First Baptist Church of Hastings

     O.  First Baptist Church, Grundy Center, Iowa

     P.  First Baptist Church, Hoard City, MI

     Q.  First Baptist Church, Lincoln Park, MI

     R.  First Baptist Church Michawaka, IN

     S.  First Baptist Church, Providence, R.I.

     T.  First Baptist Church, Randolf, N.Y.

     U.  First Baptist Church, St. Louis, MI

     V.  First Baptist Church, Wissinoming, Phil. PA

     W.  Fountain Street, Grand Rapids

     X.  Fremont Baptist, Fremont MI

     Y.  Good News Baptist Church, Grand Rapids

     Z.  Gratiot Ave. Baptist, Detroit, MI

     AA.  Leonard Heights Baptist Church, Grand Rapids

     BB.  Logansport Project

     CC.  Lyons Baptist church, Lyons, MI

     DD.  Maplelawn Baptist, Grand Rapids

     EE.  North Park Baptist, Grand Rapids

     FF.  Nortonville Gospel Chapel

     GG.  Oakfield Baptist, Ostego, MI

     HH.  Parr Memorial Baptist Church

     II.  South Baptist, Lansing, MI

     JJ.  Standale Baptist, Standale, MI

     KK.  Woodward Ave. Baptist, Grand Rapids

     LL.  Zeeland First Baptist, Zeeland, MI

1.  Denominational Standings, 1945

2.  Church Library Literature, 1950-1975

*finding aid available for denoted items